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Apple Sandwiches

For most families, the school year is already underway, or just around the corner and packing the nightly lunchboxes has already become a dreaded task.

Don't fret! K-I-S-S it! (Keep it simple, silly)!

Kids love simple finger foods and fruits and vegetables pack nicely in a lunchbox, without much effort.

Try these cute 'Apple Sandwiches' for lunch this week!

The best part is you can swap out the center with Almond Butter, Sun Butter, Cashew Butter, etc., for Peanut-Free classrooms and top them with Cinnamon for an added treat!


Simple wash and core 1-2 apples (depending upon how many sandwiches you desire).

Next, slice your apple into sizable rings (I can usually get 6 rings out of each medium-sized apple).

Then, spread your Peanut Butter, Sun Butter, Cashew Butter, Almond Butter, etc. on one Apple slice, then top it with another slice.

Once your apple slices have all been used up, top with Cinnamon or Raw Cacao Nibs for an added treat!


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