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National Pecan Pie Day!

It’s National Pecan Pie Day today!

While traditional Pecan Pie is typically loaded with sugars, fillers, and junk, Pecans themselves are a great source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and they can help lower blood pressure.

If our family is in the mood for a sweet and salty summer treat that takes almost zero prep time, check out the following recipe for these fun little Chocolate Pecan Clusters!

Let’s go nuts!


1 - 3.5 oz. Bar of Organic Dark Cacao (at least 90%+ Dark Cacao is preferred)

1/2 Cup Organic Pecan Pieces

1/4 Cup Dried Organic Cranberries (or Organic Cherries, or Raisins - something chewy)

Pinch of Pink Salt


In a double-boiler on the stovetop, melt your chocolate bar over low heat until fully melted.

In a small metal bowl, place your Pecan pieces and dried Cranberries together and mix until blended.

Once your chocolate is fully melted, pour it over your Pecan/Cranberry combination.

Immediately stir. Once mixture is fully coated, place concoction by rounded teaspoon into paper-lined mini muffin tins.

Sprinkle with a pinch of pink salt and place into the freezer at once.

Let rest for at least one hour, then serve.


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