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It's Meatless Monday!

It’s Meatless Monday! As the temperatures begin to rise, our quest to find dinners that don’t heat up the house are in high demand! This skillet dinner was prepped in a matter of minutes, the cleanup process was fast and easy, and it was a recipe the whole family enjoyed! Check out this simple plant-based recipe below: Ingredients: 1 Package Firm Tofu, water drained out 1 Organic Onion, chopped 2 Cloves of Garlic, minced 2 Small Fresh Organic Tomatoes, chopped 1 Cup Organic Carrots, chopped 3 Cups Organic Spinach 1 Tsp. Dried Organic Oregano Salt & Pepper, to taste 1 Cup Unsweetened Organic Oat Milk, or Organic Almond Milk Instructions:

1. Over medium-high heat, in a skillet pan cook Tofu, Onion, and Garlic with 3 Tablespoons of water until thoroughly mixed and heated through.

2. Then, stir in the tomatoes and carrots and cook over high heat, with lid on, for 4-6 minutes.

3. Remove lid and add in the Spinach, Oregano, Salt & Pepper. Stir until thoroughly mixed and Spinach is slightly wilted.

4. Finally, add in the cup of Milk, stir, and bring just to a boil.

5. Remove from heat and immediately eat. (Can be served over rice, noodles, or orzo).

6. Enjoy!

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