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School Lunches

Red Rover, Red Rover, send fun lunch ideas on over!

Whether you’ve got little ones headed off to kindergarten, or students headed to high school, the dreaded task of packing lunches has returned. 

Not to worry - Fit Mama Foods has you covered all school year long!

Need healthy, clean lunchbox inspirations?

Tune into our blog section weekly to find easy, portable, lunchbox innovations that are sure to be the envy of the classroom! 

These super cute little Turtles will get kids to eat their fruits and can be put together in no time:

* Peel a Kiwi and slice it in thin slices.

* Wash and cut green or red Grapes in half.

* Place your Kiwi slices on a plate or a sandwich container and position the cut Grapes to look like a head and feet.

* Optional: Place edible eyes on the head.

Your kiddos will appreciate the time spent to make their day a little brighter!

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