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Have you lost your rind?

Have you totally lost your rind?

Yes, yes we have!

We just discovered the most amazing summer snack and it fits our usual stringent criteria:

* Absolutely delicious/kid approved

* Portable

* Vegan & organic

* Full of vitamins, antioxidants & potassium

* Only 1 ingredient

* Simple to make

I don't know why we hadn't thought of this before, but we just dehydrated fresh, organic watermelon for the first time and the end result is amazing!

For anyone as obsessed with fruit roll-ups, fruit leathers, fruit snacks, etc. as our family is, these Watermelon Fruit Strips are a game changer! Not only are they literally ONE ingredient, but they are full of flavor, contain powerful vitamins and antioxidants and they taste as great as they make you feel.

Our dehydrator is going to be working overtime from now until the end of summer, so we can have these amazing fruit strips all throughout the winter months.

Check out the simple instructions here:

1) Cut fresh, organic watermelon into small triangles

2) Remove the rinds from the triangle pieces and remove as many visible seeds as possible

3) Slice into very thin sheets (I used a sharp paring knife to aid the process - the thinner they are, the faster the process will go)

4) Line your dehydrator trays with desired amount of watermelon slices

5) Dry until the watermelon pieces are no longer moist to the touch (we dried our triangles at 150 degrees for 12 hours)

Store in a cool, dry place and try not to eat all at once.


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