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“Wait, what?!? You're Vegan?!?"

"Wait, what?!? You guys are Vegan?!? How do you get your protein?!? How do you gain muscle mass?!?”

We get asked these questions all of the time!  When someone finds out we typically follow a Vegan or Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet, most folks immediately think we’re weak & that we’ll suffer from Protein Deficiency.  Protein deficiency is extremely rare in today’s society, almost no one even knows it’s proper name. 

Can you guess what it is? Did you guess...Kwashiorkor? If so, you deserve a gold star for the day!⭐️  Now that you know the proper term, you can also know it’s nearly impossible for anyone following a Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet to actually suffer from it. 

Besides, your body needs more than just protein. It needs carbohydrates and healthy fats to survive & thrive. And surprise, surprise there is no magical macro-nutrient combination to achieve health.

When you solely eat Whole Foods, enjoy the variety of foods that come out of the ground, off of a tree, or from a plant (just make sure it wasn’t manufactured in a plant), your body will have no issues receiving exactly what it needs. 

Most folks are surprised to find out how much protein is found in oatmeal, broccoli, spinach, nuts, lentils, or flax seeds. Most people think of eggs, steak & chicken as the only sources of protein, but are shocked to find out that broccoli actually contains more protein per calorie than beef! 

When you eat a variety of Whole Foods, you are getting life-sustaining micro-nutrients, right along with the 3 main components of every diet (carbs, fats & proteins). 

So, no, we’re not suffering from Kwashiorkor; in fact, we have the most amount of energy we’ve had in a while and are receiving the best micro-nutrients, by eating a Whole Foods, plant-based diet. 

Who else loves eating a Whole Foods, plant-based diet? 

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